Perry's personal notes - December 2004

It has been a few months since i really had the time, and the inclination, to write my personal notes. The old world is still tugging at my shirt tails. I have been very busy working on a web site in London and a brochure in Holland, all from our little hunting pavilion in the Gers.

As you read this, I am flying to South Africa to direct a photo shoot. Five days of madness as we photograph up to ten scenarios per day. Mountain bikers, sail boats, modern offices and busy hotel lobbies. Models, clothing, props and lots of sunshine (hopefully). It's hard work and a welcome financial injection after a year of house hunting and the good life! One day back and then it's back in the car for our twelve hour drive back home.

My fingers are tingling at the prospect of getting our hands on the keys to the house. I am quite handy and what I don't know I learn by doing. There will be moments when a professional plumber, electrician and roofer will be necessary. The experience we gain from the house can be applied to the barns.

One step backwards will be our communication speed. Back to the old fashioned telephone modem. Then again, I will be happy to be busy with my hands on the house and not with my head and a difficult client. We can't ignore the technology since it is and will become our way to stay in touch. It will also be a great tool for when we get a business running, whatever that ends up being.

Finally, I would like to thank you for all the enthusiastic responses to our seasonal greetings cards. So far we have sold nearly 400 and they will be stamped and sent from Australia, America and Aberdeen.

Warm, seasonal greetings to you all.


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