Perry's notes. April 2004

After all the stress of getting here I am really beginning to relax and enjoy the experience. Being back in nature has revived my senses and the appreciation of the simple things in life. The landscape here is moving. The views change with every curve in the road. And there are a lot of curves!

The Gers is unspoilt and life here is simple. There is no industry, so the air is the cleanest in France. There are no motorways, so the tourists tend to pass it by. The Atlantic is 90 minutes away and we can go skiing in the Pyrenees for the day and be back in time for tea.

Apart from making the most of the wonderful photo opportunities, I have started drawing in Indian ink. Some have been sent as postcards, the rest we are planning to reproduce as cards and limited edition prints to sell.

We know we will find the house we deserve and will know it when we see it. But I do love checking out the old barns and fantasising how we could turn them into a unique home for us. More thoughts on this and much more. We are off to see a house!!!

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