Perry's personal notes - June 2004


Hello folks,

as you will understand from the diary, we have been rather busy. In the run up to the market at Tillac, I was painting five or more small paintings a day, as well as scanning them in, printing them out and cutting them to size.

So for this month's notes, I will only exhibit my drawings and paintings that have now been made into postcards and greetings cards.

They are for sale, by the way.



Enjoy the show.






Poterie de confit de canard


Le vieux pichet de vin


Les onions rouges


Deux pots pour le confit


Le robinet

La fleur violette
Pot de confit sur fond vert
Pot de confit sur fond jaune


And now, the hard sell!

All designs are available as postcards, greetings cards and as A4 prints. Please note that they are printed with an Epson ink jet printer on 200 gm watercolour paper and so are liable to run when wet, just like the originals!

Prices exclude postage and packaging, delivery takes
about two weeks.

To order, please mail me with the name of the painting, the type of reproduction (post, greetings, print) and thequantities. Your postal address would also be handy!


For England, you can pay by cheque (not sure of the
exchange rate, but we will check once you order).
In Holland, we'll give you our rekeningnummer. Details will be sent once you have made an order.

Greetings from the Sales Department.


A6 postcards

Per card
Per set of 5

A6 greetings cards (blank) including envelope

Per card
Per set of 5

A4 prints

Per print
Per set of 3 different prints


Further discounts are negotiable with larger orders.


In Euros

€ 1,50
€ 6,00

€ 3,50
€ 15,00

€ 5,00


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