Perry's personal notes - September 2004

You must have seen them. All those cheesy advertising images of beautiful people with big smiles as they work at their laptop computers. Sitting in the sun at the breakfast table, in the middle of a meadow, or next to a swimming pool. Free of the constraints of the office, with no cables and no worries.

Forget it. It doesn't work. Believe me, I've tried.

Whilst Caroline has enjoyed the sun, I have had to sit in the shade so that I can see what is on my screen. When it comes to adjusting colours of photos we have made, I have to retreat indoors completely. For the months of July and August it was fine, but now that the autumn has arrived it's thick socks, thermal jacket and cups of tea for yours truly.

17c inside, 27c outside

Don't get me wrong, I am very happy that old friends are asking me to make the odd illustration or sketch. (keep 'em coming folks!) It's just that I had hoped to spend a little more time in the open air, now that we are living in the countryside. I guess I just need to ween myself off the laptop and go full-time into painting and drawing. There are a few painting commissions too. I try to intersperse straining my eyes in front of the computer with bouts of painting out on the terrace. I'm not alone. Caroline is often sitting next to me, playing office manager and generally keeping our lives in order. Bless her!

I really look forward to working outside, getting my hands dirty and blistered, once we have a house.

Once we have a house.

"It's been six months" I hear you say. "They are too choosy" I hear you think. "Have they bitten off more than they can chew?" I hear you wondering.

We are so close.

We have discovered that in the country, everybody knows, or wants to know, about everybody else. The vet knew about the houses we had seen via a farmer who had heard from someone at the market, etc, etc. So letting too much info out on the site is asking for trouble.

Be patient.

One thing is sure. It will be a grand place to welcome you. Should you ever come visit.

I'm off to sit in the sun for five minutes, my toes have gone blue. Taraah!



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