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NEW! Helpful tips for new and prospective expats
in South West France

Over the last few years we've been asked many times to give advice and tips on subjects like renovations, dog kennels, French inheritance tax, medical insurance and importing cars.

Finally, we've decided to gather all the information we know, plus add some useful links to people, sites and organisations that can give you the answers to your questions. The sponsored ads on the right are there to give you even more info.

Help & Tips section
Here's what we have so far:

A new bookshop
We've added a bookshop to our site, which has a range of books, carefully selected by us, covering all aspects of buying, moving, living and working in France.

Buying a house in France
All the dos and don'ts to think of before signing on the dotted line.

Renovating a house in France
All about patience and a game plan, Planning permission, artisans and directories

Inheritance tax in France
Married in the UK, but dying with property in France? It's more complicated than you think.

Translations & Phrases
Lost for words? Can't explain something to your builder, or the man in the Bricomarché?

The who, what and how of a new life in Gascony
Want to know how to get rid of a wasps' nest, put in a fosse septique, get planning permission, find a reliable artisan, translate an official document? Then hopefully we will be able to point you in the right direction.

The sections we have added so far, or are planning on adding and updating in the future, will be:

• Searching for and buying a house, estate agents, purchasing process, surveys, architects

Renovations, artisans, materials and suppliers

• Legal, insurances, French inheritance tax, financial, medical

French lessons, translations, assistance, transactions

Useful books to read about moving, working, buying and renovating in France

• Useful local business listings in the Hautes-Pyrenees and the Gers

• Planting and gardening tips, nurseries, seasonal planning

• Contact, hobbies, clubs, sports and events

So keep coming back for more updates. And if any of you have some good tips or bad experiences that we could add to the mix, the more the merrier.

A bientôt,

Perry et Caroline


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