After a couple of visits to the pharmacie with a bag full of mushrooms, we realised that many inoffensive looking fungi can kill you. Better safe than sorry.


We finally picked up our two 16 year old cats, Jake and Elwood (named after the Blues Brothers).
Our landlady's two female cats were in for a surprise when the grumpy old men arrived.


The day we emptied our flat in Amsterdam. "And now?".


Visiting a Hypermarché in France is like entering a city. Full of garish advertising, music, announcements and whole families in tracksuits. Apart from the cheese department, I try to get in and out as quickly as possible.


"The market?...That was yesterday"

Bassoues is a pretty, medieval village with a huge, old, timber roof over the marketplace.
Market day is Wednesday, or Thursday.


The caption is a homage to Glen Baxter, one of my favourite cartoonists.
It shows the fateful day I stumbled upon the Drawing Club at the café in Marciac.
I suddenly felt very much at home.


After a month, I quietly began to panic that we had made a terrible miscalculation.
Despite having a lot of help and doing lots of hard work, we seemed to be getting nowhere.
I tried to make light of it. Now I don't worry. We are settling in well, we have a growing network of friends and good contacts and 'those that seek, shall find'.


We were 'off the air' for three weeks when my laptop screen suddenly bleached out to white. After a visit to the Apple Centre in Limoges it was given a new screen and a bill of health. The patient is a combination of the laptop and myself. The instruments being replaced with some of my favourite local produce, including Saint Mont wine as a drip. Caroline is anxiously watching outside.
Still, it gave me more time to draw and paint during its absence.


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