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La galerie et boutique en ligne et ouvert !

Les dessins humoristiques de la vie à la campagne sont en vente sur notre boutique en ligne

Perry's new gallery and online boutique is now open!

Perry's cartoons of life in South West France are becoming so popular on the markets that we have launched a new gallery and online boutique. You'll find a large selection of originals and reproductions to buy as souvenirs or gifts.

Perry's prints are available on A4 art paper

drawing of a traditional cas croute lunch after a vandange
Based loosely on a photo from 1880, this drawing depicts the meal often given after a hard day's work with a harvest or vendange.
Something that we are priviledged to still take part in when we help our neighbours.
cafe de la tour tillac, ink drawing by Perry Taylor
Cafe de la Tour in Tillac.
detail of the cafe de la tour tillac
Detail of 'Cafe de la Tour in Tillac'.
chickens in their coop
Chickens settling in for the night.
the mole hunter
Le chasseur des taups.
The summer fêtes bring the quilles evenings, where teams of three play and be merry.
floralies tillac
Floralies in the main street of Tillac.
floralie tillac detail
A detail of the Floralies in Tillac.


the serenade goes through the village
In many villages during their fête, they have a Sérenade.
This is a group of loud musicians who are taken from house to house,
stopping to play a few numbers, have a drink and move on.
This tractor driver has come prepared.

a drawing of the cafe de france in eauze, Gers
The Café de France in Eauze.
grape picking in the Gers
This scene is based on a few vendanges that we have taken part in. Family and friends enjoy chatting away through the vines as they
work their way along the rows of vines. Sometimes there would be four generations taking part. Followed by a more-than-generous pique-nique.
cafe de France in Eauze, the Gers
The Café de France in Eauze is well-known watering hole for French and foreigners alike. On the Place de l'Eglise, it is a perfect spot for a drink or lunch after the market.
every day a holiday

Running a chambres d'hôtes is hard work, as many of our friends know only too well. We also have a Dutch version which says “We hadden het er net nog over, jullie hebben echte mazzel
hier te wonen. Iedere dag is gewoon vakantie.” A French version is also now available.

start charging
When we moved here to France, it was as if everyone suddenly wanted to come spend some time with us. We were delighted, but that doesn't come free, especially for the hosts. Laundry, showers, extra food and lots more wine. This cartoon has hit a chord and is one of our best sellers to expats with a house here.
Also available in Dutch and French
jazz in marciac cartoon
Every year there is a jazz festival in Marciac. Thousands of people descend on the area each day for those two weeks. The rest of the year, it's a sleepy town with a few cafés and a weekly market. This is a sketch I made one day on the square while listening to the jazz. A short Gascon blowing his trumpet from the well-known tower of the church in Marciac.
the avenue of plain trees on the road in to Trie-sur-Baïse that provides welcome shade and a lovely dappled tunnel into the town. This little lady lives in Sadournin, just up the hill. I like the old 2CV in the background.
A classic French image. The avenue of plain trees on the road in to Trie-sur-Baïse
that provides welcome shade and a lovely dappled tunnel into the town. This little lady lives in Sadournin, just up the hill. I like the old 2CV in the background.
This is a scenario we all too often have. As one lot leave the next are on their way.
This cartoon is also available in French and Dutch.
The Dutch says "Grappig, toen nog wij in Nederland woonden waren wij helemaal niet zo populair"



detail of the lady on a bike near Trie-sur-Baïse
An old man sits on a bench in the shade of the bandstand in Mirande.
A new little friend appears, attached to a long lead.
At the other end is its owner, unaware of this new encounter.

the after the market in Bassoues
"The market? Oh, that was yesterday."
poster for in the WC
This poster is very useful for those of us with septic tanks. Our city dwelling visitors don't realise what damage they can cause by chucking stuff down the toilet.



the market under the arches of the Mairie in Trie-sur-Baïse
The market comes to Trie-sur-Baïse every Tuesday morning.
In the summer the square and underneath the Mairie is full of stalls and buyers.
Many just come to catch up on news, see friends and have a few hours away from the farm.

busker singing in front of the café in Bassoues, the Gers
The café-restaurant in Bassoues is very popular for locals and tourists alike.
This 11 Century village is beautiful. The terrace is always full.
The expats in the sun, the French in the shade.



detail of the singer in Bassoues
Here's a detail. Notice the chap knicking his mate's dinner while he turns to watch the singer.
The French chap at the back doesn't seem to like the singing though.

drawing of the Gers landscape
The Gers is like Tuscany and the Cotswolds, but with less Range Rovers. We love the rolling hills and rich crop colours, with the Pyrenees in the distance.
lady on a bicycle with dog
Cycling down country lanes with her puppy behind. The simple pleasures.
the market in Lombez
I found a photo of Les Halles in Lombez and decided to use it as a basis for this drawing. It's actually a bit livelier than the real thing apparently.



mowing the grass while on holiday
Some people we know come down for a long weekend to see their second home,
spend two days cutting back nature and then go home again.
The text is also available in English which says
"Make the most of it. You'll be back on the M25 on Monday"

watering flowers in Trie-sur-Baïse
The chap watering the flowers notices that a dog has decided to do the same,
in his own way. The town of Trie-sur-Baïse ticks along nicely in the background.
a farmer walking his pig to market in Trie-sur-Baïse, Hautes pyrenees
Walking his pig to market. How I imagine Trie must have been when it was the
biggest pig market in South West France.
fete champetre
A highly detailed drawing with loads going on. A fête champetre, where the whole village take part. Here, they are all preparing for the feast.
detail of the drawing 'fete champetre'.
Here's a detail. This chap couldn't wait!
playing boules in Trie sur baise
Boules is a serious matter, but includes a lot of funny stuff too.
A great way to while away the afternoon.
ricard on the terrace
After a tiring morning of chatting on the corner of the square, there's nothing like a
quiet apèro before going home for lunch.



trie-sur-baise-aerial view
This is what I imagine Trie to be like from the air. Lots going on at the rugby club, the garage and on the square.

detail of view of Trie sur baise
A detail showing the old tower and the place de la Mairie
confrontation between a gardener and a hare
It's a jungle out there. Our potager has its share of slugs, mice and hares, all chomping away at the fruit and veg of Caroline's hard work. What was once a cute little ball of fluff is now an eating machine. It's war!
angry old lady in her vegetable garden
A detail of the little old lady eye to eye with the enemy.
The wheelbarrow is just like one we found in the barn.
pere noel
The hunters are out in force. Wild boar, deer, rabbits, hares, pheasant and partridges are running for cover. These two have just spotted a rare visitor...
Available as a larger
SW France is duck country. Foie gras, magret, confit...
These two managed to escape but don't know what to do next.
Also available in French "Et Maintenant?" "D'abord aller au casino pour se remplumer".
cyclists in France, stopping for a picnic under a pigeonnier in the Gers countryside. An illustration in indian ink, available as an A4 print
Gascony has unspoilt countryside and is steeped in history.
There's nothing like cycling through this beautiful landscape, stopping for lunch,
taking in a bit of culture and peeing on it.
a cycling club climb a steep hill and pass an old man pushing his bike up the hill. In the background the landscape of south west France. An indian ink drawing by Perry Taylor, available as an A4 print.
Wherever you cycle, there are hills. Big ones. Great to come down, but you pay it all back
somewhere along the route.
This combines the scenes I've often seen here. Papi slowly pushing his bike up the hill
as a team of fit chaps pedal on past.
a young dentist loses his first patient
A young dentist loses his first patient.


an indian ink drawing of ducks
Birds of a feather... There are hundreds of duck farms in the Gers
producing the foie gras, magret, gesiers and confits that make the region so famous.


ink drawing of ducks on a blue background
Six ducks on a blue background. Done in coloured inks with pen and brush

the market in Auch, the Gers
Just off the cathedral square at the top of the old town of Auch, is a beautiful half-timbered building. It houses the Office de Tourisme and marks the beginning of the pretty market.
summer tourists stuck behind tractors in the Gers
In the summer we get a lot of tourists driving through. They end up stuck behind the local farmers going about their business. This is based on a moment I saw two farmers on their tractors, chatting away, both with cars waiting behind them.
ink cartoon of man looking through a broken roof
When we were searching for a house, we were told by an estate agent that from the roof there
would be a great view of the Pyrenees. Just a simple case of adding a window...

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Greetings Cards

We also have a selection of greetings cards. Perry's Duck recipe series is very popular. They are folded to A6, are blank inside and come with very stylish ivory envelopes. The two hunters spotting Father Christmas are also on sale.

greetings card magret de canard, carte de voeux
greetings card foie gras de canard
greetings card confit de canard



chasseurs et pere noel. hunters spotting Father Christmas, greetings card for Christmas


Graphic Design and Illustration

This is just a selection of recent projects Perry has undertaken for businesses and friends, over the last few months.
The range of Perry's work can be seen on his La Baguette Magique website.

west cornwall cottage holiday brochure

Perry designed this 100 page brochure for West Cornwall Cottage Holidays


ana selection wine barrel brochure
Ana Sélection wine barrel makers asked for an A4 leaflet, produced in three languages

los cramados logo

Los Cramados are a group of young farmers who breed the Noir de Bigorre pig,
a breed from our area in France

wedding invite
An English couple living in the Gers, asked Perry to illustrate and design their wedding invitation

international agenda website

International Agenda are a London based business consultancy. They asked Perry to design and build their new website. It can be seen in full at

Caroline's 44th birthday card
Caroline wants chickens and we have been working on several plans for the coop.
Then the question of how we get them inside when we want to leave.
This was her birthday card, reflecting our plans.

lake limbo book cover


Lake Limbo is the third book by Dickie Tryon. Perry has designed the covers for all of them. You will soon be able to buy the book on Amazon.

clock mender flyer
The Clock Hospital is run by John Perrin, here in the Gers. The flyer was made in English and French.


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