Caro's notes. Birthday special 2004

Today (April 25th) is my birthday... I am 39. What do I want for a birthday present? A house,
not a lot to ask for I should say!

So here I am, 39. Living in a cute, but rather small, magic place in the middle of a sunflower field in southern France. Looking to buy a house and looking forward to a somewhat different life to lead. Sometimes I think of what most of my female friends my age are doing at the moment, not being able to make too many crazy moves while raising their kids; an all consuming period of their lifes.

How different that is from the road that I took. Perry and I have been "on the move" for almost 2 months now and we are still looking for the place that will be our home. In the meantime I feel happy in our 35 square meters living/bed/dining room, all in. It is not warm in the little house, we are amidst our moving boxes filled with necessities, but the environment is so beautiful, I can't complain.

This house and its grounds has now become my point of reference. I will only go for something like this, or
even better. So, for my birthday, something like this, yes please. And for birthday drinks this year,
not the usual drinks at the brown café 't Smalle along the Amsterdam canals, but we'll have one at the
Café l'Hôtel de Ville in Marciac.

Here's to you and here's to me... until such time, see ya


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